Camp Rivervale

For over 80 years Camp Rivervale has been serving the United Methodist Church. This historic camp and retreat center provides guests with the opportunity to reflect on the past while benefiting from today’s modern facilities.
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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission: We make disciples for Jesus Christ by nurturing transformational Christ-centered communities.

Our Vision: Because of the partnership between faith communities and camping ministries the lives of children, youth, and adults will be transformed in Christ; local churches throughout Indiana will be renewed.


Who We Are

Camp Rivervale is a year-round indoor and outdoor retreat and camp facility. Each summer Impact 2818 Outdoor Ministries provides quality Christian camping experiences for youth and adults alike. Whether you attend a traditional cabin camp this summer or embark on an out of state adventure, one fundamental premise exists, all campers are accepted for who they are and are provided with a nurturing environment where they can truly appreciate Christ’s unconditional love.

Located in the southern region of Indiana near Spring Mill State Park, Camp Rivervale is host to summer camps and retreat groups from all over. During the summer, Camp Rivervale’s grounds are filled with smiling faces of young and old alike as they experience God’s unconditional love through camp programming. The beautiful site is also visited regularly for retreats, staff outings, school programs, family events, banquets, weddings and more.

Impact 2818 Statement of Faith

We believe that God has provided redemption for all people through His Son, Jesus Christ, and that He provides support and guidance for believers through the Holy Spirit. We believe that camping has biblical foundations, offering places to follow the example set by Christ and his disciples to withdraw from everyday life for spiritual reflection, and equips campers to apply Christian beliefs and actions to their daily lives.

We are a ministry of the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church. Our directive is to serve, partner, and resource the local church in order to help in the discipleship of families throughout the state and beyond. To help most effectively work with the variety of different traditions throughout faith communities and unchurched families, we major on the majors and minor on the minors. To put that more simply, we focus on the inherent Truth revealed through Jesus Christ that unites the church.


The Value Of Camp

Like so many families, you may be balancing tight activity budgets for your children: sports clubs, lessons, youth groups, vacations, and more. As you ponder church camp, consider that the experience you are looking at is something very different.

Making time and a commitment to attend church camp and be involved in a local church is about setting a priority for the faith development of your child, strengthening their spiritual identity, and helping them learn to be a Christian leader who stands for what is right in their world.

At Impact 2818, we work diligently to be good stewards of the money you spend on and give to camp. Our staff compare the registration fees of other camps and set our rates to a median range in order to maintain critical standards and quality points essential to giving your family the highest safety, best experience, and the great value our guests expect.


Connected with Churches

This is a place that encourages church leaders to attend camp with students. What better way to know that your students are in the right place than when you can know the leaders who are helping to plan it. A shared experience is more meaningful and powerful. When churches send their students to the same event, a common bond is developed as they all begin to understand what happened in the lives of each other strengthening the experience’s impact.

Helping To Raise Up Adults

Camp is more than fun, games, friendship and adventures. It’s a deep personal experience where a group of young people build into community, grow together, and learn together. Through these times, our goal is to help them discover who God has designed each of us to uniquely become within this world in which we live.

Spiritual Development

During your child’s experience at camp, the most important activities we engage in are the discipleship pathway. In age-appropriate times and methods, through worship services as a whole camp, in small family group discussions, and at devotions, your camper will:

  • Explore the foundational question of God’s love and pursuit of all people made real through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Savior
  • Dig into spiritual disciplines that help us to focus on ways to learn about and live in the teaching of Christ as seen in scripture
  • Discover ways to be a reflection of hope, mercy, and peace to everyone in our communities, especially those who are less fortunate or who need our care and protection
  • Reflect upon their unique spiritual gifts and life calling to share Christ in this world

Character Development

Every activity at camp has significance and value in helping your child discover their identity in Christ. Meals are served family style to model manners, dinner time discussions, and healthy living. Activities like tag and paintball teach integrity, honesty, and sportsmanship. Crafts tell stories and teach life lessons found in scripture. Challenge by Choice adventures like ropes courses encourage campers to overcome trials, celebrate victories, and to encourage others.

At Impact 2818’s camps, we see the entire experience as an opportunity to encounter God who is still relevant in their lives and everyday moments.

Personal Responsibility

Our team of counselors will help to provide age-appropriate support as needed for camper hygiene and personal care. Campers also take responsibility for their belongings and learn how to be responsible for their words and actions at camp and home.

Challenge by Choice

Our “Challenge by Choice” approach encourages campers to experience adventure and obstacles that will put them outside of their comfort zones. This helps them discover how to persevere, overcome, encourage others and work in teams. These moments help them continue to seek out the positive challenges that will shape their lives.




Safety: Important to You and Us

Spiritual Safety

At our camps, an individual will never be or made to feel forced, coerced, or like an outsider based upon his/her beliefs.

We keep spiritual components simple to accommodate beliefs and values across the Christian spectrum. We will not baptize, require communion, or teach on speaking in tongues. As a ministry of the United Methodist Church, we uphold their practices, while recognizing and valuing that different denominations and churches have different concepts of what is right and beneficial. Those experiences and beliefs are best unpacked in a local church in deep relationship with your family.

In short, we “major on the majors and minor on the minors;” we focus on the things that unite Christians, not divide them.

Emotional Safety

No child should ever feel unsafe expressing or being themselves in appropriate ways, especially not while in a safe and inclusive environment like our camps. Our team has diligently chased out unacceptable interactions like hazing, bullying, threats, cliques, favoritism, and mockery. Counselors will stand up for your child. It is our greatest joy to live out the gospel as we create environments where all are embraced and valued as children of God.

Physical Safety

All of our counselors are properly trained and prepared. The adventure features (waterfront, ropes courses, etc.) are effectively staffed and diligently checked to rigorous standards. Camp medics, along with all of our staff, are well prepared for everything from bumps and bruises to unexpected situations.

The welfare of our campers and guests is our utmost priority. Every staff and adult volunteer is screened through the National Sex Offender Public Registry and Area Records Criminal Background Check.

All Impact 2818 staff are CPR and First Aid Certified. Any medical treatment of campers is performed in accordance with our First Aid Protocol & Procedure book.

Read What  Others Are Saying About Camp Rivervale

“It’s beautiful, inspiring, and full of the lords spirit.” Adison Haney

“Rivervale is a great place to send your kids and a great place where u can have fun and making new friends and meant new people because I have been going for 7 years and every year I going I know those thing I listed happen.”   Javeon Buchanan

“A nice, peaceful place to encounter God. Very cool open air tabernacle with great acoustics.”  Eric Scott Robertson

“Great place for a weekend or weeklong church camp. Great staff & wonderful location in southern Indiana”   Larry Ewing

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

For over 80 years Camp Rivervale has been serving the United Methodist Church. This historic camp and retreat center provides guests with the opportunity to reflect on the past while benefiting from today’s modern facilities.

Pam Tedrow

Pam Tedrow

Camp Manager

Pamela Tedrow brings seventeen years of youth ministry, thirteen years of social service experience, and over twelve years in property management to her position at Camp Rivervale. Driven by a sense of urgency to bring children and youth to Christ, Pam has dedicated much of her life to children and youth ministries in southern Indiana. As a camp manager, alongside her husband Steve, Pam’s goals include providing a safe, nurturing place for children to hear the Gospel message, finding and mentoring leaders for the future, and building relationships with the local church. Pam has committed this season of her life to maintaining the facilities, grounds, and programs at Camp Rivervale. In addition to her primary job functions, Pam serves on the children’s ministry team at her church, directs a Royal Family Kids Camp for children in the foster care system, and is continuing her education through Bethel Seminary in Family and Children Ministry. Pam considers her most important discipleship efforts to be those used while raising three children and now impacting the lives of her four grandchildren.
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Youth Director

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Worship Leader

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Live Groups Leader


Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s Going To Watch My Children?

Our events are led by volunteer directors from our local churches. These directors recruit counselors from within their church. All counselors receive a criminal history and sex offender background check. Standardized counselor to camper ratios are maintained at all of our camps; Primary through Middle School Campers are under the supervision of at least two counselors/staff at all times of the day, high school campers have some freedom but are still under adult supervision.

Ratios are:

  • Primary (grades K-2) – 2:10 (2 counselors for a group of 10 campers)
  • Elementary (grades 3-5) – 2:14
  • Middle School (grades 6-8) – 2:16
  • High School (grades 9-13) – 2:20

What About Special Dietary/Medical Needs?

In an effort to best serve you and your family, please feel free to contact us before signing up if you have concerns about the level of care your camper may need while at camp.

Impact 2818 offers a standard menu. We do not offer celiac or vegetarian menus at this time. If your camper has special doctor-directed dietary meal concerns, please contact the Camp Manager at the site your camper will be attending to make arrangements for sending food to supplement our menu. Any meals sent to the camp to be prepared by our staff for your camper will require a doctor’s note explaining the needs and allergy. We do not prepare raw foods from home; ready to warm meals only. Refer to allergen information online at

What Things Aren’t Allowed At Camp?

Do Not Bring: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons of any kind, fireworks, explosives of any kind, pets, or food/snacks/beverages (see special dietary needs section above). Please, also refer to your information packet for the camp you’ve chosen for other specific items.

Camp Policy: No cell phones or communication devices are to be with campers or counselors.

In the digital age, we are immersed with constant contact and distractions through electronic devices.

We want campers to experience sanctuary…to be separated from the noise that is crowding our minds and attention, so as to best focus on the transforming message of the gospel. Time away from devices also encourages social conversations and relational engagement. Communication devices with photo and video also add the potential for increased safety risks that are difficult to effectively monitor.

Connect with your camper by sending USPS letters, camper emails, and notes in their luggage. Should any situation arise needing your attention, you will be immediately contacted by the camp staff. If you need us, all contact numbers can be found here and are monitored 24/7.

Cell Phone Policy Details

  • Cell phones and other communication devices are not permitted to be carried by campers, general volunteers or staff. Only Camp Management Staff and Directors are permitted to carry cell phones and communication devices on site to be used at appropriate times for camp business.
  • Camps will provide an alarm clock for each cabin and a wristwatch per each counselor bag/fanny pack to replace the use of a phone as a time telling device.
  • As a Conference Center, Epworth Forest permits campers and volunteers to carry cell phones at most of their events. Although limited use of cellular devices is encouraged to allow for a true retreat experience, devices are not prohibited unless otherwise noted in event materials.

Where Can I Find Scholarship Information?

Impact 2818 Scholarships has information about applying for and registering with a camp scholarship from Impact 2818.

What Should I Pack?

Sleeping Bag/Bedding, pillow, modest & weather-appropriate clothing, clothes for being outside at night (i.e. jeans and long-sleeve shirt), rain gear, tennis shoes, flip flops for showers, toiletries, towels (shower and beach), one-piece swimsuit, sunscreen, bug repellant, flashlight, Bible, pen & paper, money for merchandise, snacks, etc.

Can We Check In Late Or Leave Early If It’s Absolutely Necessary?

There are no part-time registrations. The Spiritual Director must approve any instances of late arrival or early departure. We discourage late arrival and early departure for the benefit of the camper. The success of a camping experience is dependent upon full-time participation. In the event of an early departure or late arrival, no fee refund/pro-rating will be provided. In the event of any late arrival or early departure, transportation is the financial and physical responsibility of the camper’s family.

Can I Request A Roommate For My Camper?

We try our best to honor all roommate requests; however, we cannot guarantee requests. The volunteer leadership team makes cabin assignments for all Primary, Elementary, and Middle School camps, and High School camps at Camp Indicoso and Camp Rivervale. When a camper wishes to room with another camper(s), all campers must list each other as a roommate request on the registration form. Requests grouping more than 3 campers may not be carried out and a judgment call by the volunteer leader will decide who to pair together.

Who Will Help My Child Take Their Medications?

Our camp staff will assist your child in keeping current on all medications.

  • All medication must be brought in its original labeled container and given to the Camp Medic at Check-In on the first day of camp.
  • All camper medication is stored and administered by the Camp Medic.
  • Inhalers, bee-sting kits and EpiPen’s are exceptions and are carried by the camper’s counselor (by them, if high school) and administered as needed.
  • Camp Adventure, Camp Indicoso, Camp Lakewood, Pine Creek Camp, and Camp Rivervale distribute first aid supply bags to each counselor to keep with him/her at ALL times throughout the week. This bag contains supplies for treating minor injuries.

Is There Any Way To Stay In Touch?

Photos and video will be taken of your camper while at camp and may be used for publicity purposes by Impact 2818. Additionally, many of those photos and video will be uploaded to our facebook sites. Directors and staff at each event will be posting updates throughout the day along with some photography and comments to help you know what is going on. You do not need to be a facebook user to access these sites. Your campers will not be able to see or respond to anything on these sites either. You can send your children mail and email. Information will be included in your information packet and a flyer is handed out during check-in which also contains more details.

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